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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I love shopping for yarn and knitting related products. That's why I'm going to write about my favorite yarn stores here in Iceland starting with Handprjó in Hafnafjörður which is among my favorites.

It's not a very big shop but the variety of yarn is wonderful. Unlike so many other yarn stores here in Iceland they do not emphasize on Lopi, Sandnes or Dale yarn. All wonderful yarns but one likes to try other things as well. Among the brands they sell are Cascade, Abuelita, Novita, Evilla and more.There's also a good selection of books and various knitting supplies.

Abuelita - One of my favourite yarns.
Buttery soft and  comes in beautiful colors.
Cascade - What a wonderful brand.
Evilla - Comes in both spun and unspun varieties. Perfect for
 shawls or combined with Lopi for beautiful Lopi-sweater designs.
But the thing I love most about Handprjó is the service. I'm always greeted as an old friend and basic stuff like returning or changing yarn is never a problem. There's even a Lego-table (see below) for the kids so I can spend hours choosing yarn ;)

If you are in Iceland and haven't gone to Handprjó yet I recommend that you do. If not, at least check out their website:

(Just to make clear: I am not affiliated with any of the yarn stores I write about.)

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