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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Knitting on a plane

I've just returned from my trip to London. I stayed there over the weekend, mostly dining and shopping.

I always used to love flying when I was younger. I even set out to be a flight attendant but started to have children before I could. Everything changed when I had the children and somehow I stopped enjoying the flights as much. At least until I discovered the joy of knitting on a plane (makes me think of the movie Snakes on a plane ... dunno why).

Now I always take some knitting project with me when I fly. I get a bit nervous every time when I go through security but no one seems to mind my wooden or acrylic needles. Then when I'm on the plane I have enough time, peace and quiet to knit away. This time I brought along an Aeolian shawl that I'm knitting with Einband (yes the scratchy laceweight wool). Three hours of flight time just disappeared as I knitted my way through the first charts. I also save money on magazines (which I tend to buy in bulk) and have something to do while I'm waiting for the flight.

If you want to try knitting on a plane then here are my tips:

- Use plastic, acrylic or wooden needles.
- Use screw on needles so you won't loose stitches if the security
    won't allow them on the plane.
- Only take one project.
- Choose a project that will keep you occupied enough without too much
- Choose a project that has only one color (no fair isle or intarsia)
    because that tends to take up space and/or be complicated.
- Don't bring a very big project that will bother the people next to you.
- Avoid yarns that shed a lot.
- Bring an extra set of needles in your luggage just in case.
- Remember that scissors are not allowed.

I have also tried crocheting while flying and that's perfect too. With a wooden hook it's no problem and takes even less space and fuzz as the knitting does.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dreadful days

I'm to busy to knit these days. How dreadful is that?
Instead of knitting my beautiful Þinborg-lopi sweater or the gorgeous alpaca/silk Aeolian shawl, I have to write an intelligent chapter about balanced scorecard and strategic management.
Oh how I long for warm summer days and enough free time to knit, knit, knit ...