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Thursday, January 26, 2012


It has been snowing a lot in Reykjavík the last few days. I went for a walk yesterday with my camera and tried to capture what my neighborhood looks like all covered with snow.

When the weather is like this it's really nice to stay inside and knit some lopi garments to keep warm.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New pattern - Snowflake fingerless mittens

I've added another pattern to Ravelry. Fingerless mittens for women, inspired by traditional Icelandic designs. I use them over leather gloves to keep my hands really warm during the cold winter months.

They're knit with Icelandic Létt-lopi but most aran or worsted weight yarn can be used.

The pattern is available here if you have access to Ravelry and here if you don't.

Monday, January 23, 2012

New pattern - Brioche Infinity Scarf

I just added a new pattern to Ravelry. It's a brioche stitch infinity scarf (or cowl) made with Abuelita Merino Worsted or Fyberspates Scrumtious DK. I've made a few of those and absolutely love them. It's easy to knit, fast and oh so soft and cozy.

The pattern can be found here if you have access to Ravelry. If you don't then click here and it will download automatically.


I have a love/hate relationship with the yarn called Einband. It's all Icelandic lace weight wool that comes in a variety of beautiful colors but stings like crazy ... or at least it stings me like crazy.

I have loads of it in my stash and buy even more from time to time. Why? ... Well the colors. They're just so beautiful. They range from muted natural sheepish colors to vibrant, bold colors in almost every shade. I'm such a sucker for colors.

Einband is a great yarn for shawls and delicate lace designs. But like I said, it stings me like no other yarn. I'm able to wear regular lopi next to my skin without problems but Einband I almost can't wear. For example I made this dress in 2009 but never wear it, mostly because of the stinging.

The only use I have for Einband is when I combine it with single strand plötulopi. By doing that it doesn't sting as much. I often use this method with shawls to strengthen the plötulopi which tends to tear easily.

It would be so great to be able to wear it and make beautiful shawls or light but warm garments out of it. It helps a little to wash it with a hair conditioner but sadly not enough for me. But I do know a lot of people who can wear it without problems so do not be to discouraged by my bad luck and sensitive skin.

Although it's lace weight, Einband can be knit with bigger needles with good results. My dress was knit on 4 mm needles (US size 6) and I'm currently making a sweater on 6 mm needles (US size 10). Both look great but very different. I think it's the fuzziness of the yarn that makes this possible, kind of like mohair but less fussy.

Istex has published a pattern book with a few pattern made with Einband. Click here for the online preview.
There are also a few designs in Lopi 30 and Lopi 31 (not available online yet).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lopi from Þingborg

There is something so wonderful about the lopi from Þingborg. It has a unique softness unlike the traditional lopi from Istex (which is also a favorite to make that clear).

Þingborg is a wool center located just outside of Selfoss or about 45 minutes drive from Reykjavik.What makes their wool so special is that they choose only the softest and cleanest wool from the lambs, wash it with mild soap only to retain the natural lanolin. Then it's machine-cared but kept unspun. It's also only available in four natural colors, free from any dyes.

(Photo taken from Þingborg's website)

I went to Þingborg for the first time last summer. I've driven by hundreds of times but never knew that this was a wool center filled with such wonderful things. Not only do they sell their lopi but also all kinds of spun yarn from Icelandic wool, angora yarn, knitted items and a variety of crafted items (souvenirs). I bought loads of Tvinnað band which is spun wool, I'm guessing 2ply, about DK or sport weight. I'm using it to make a very traditional Icelandic shawl. Heaps of fun ;)

Currently I'm also knitting my first lopi sweater from Þingborgarlopi. I started one this summer but realized it was too big so I frogged and started another. It's made with single strand plötulopi and I can already feel how much softer and different it feels from the regular Istex lopi.

If you love lopi and/or Icelandic wool I recommend that you check out their website or better yet, go visit them ;)

(Photo taken from Þingborg's website)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New traditional Icelandic

I love traditional Icelandic sweaters especially in muted, natural sheep colors. But from time to time, being the lover of colors that I am, I love to mix the designs up a bit and use beautiful colors that complement the natural earth tones. Actually it's not uncommon here in Iceland to use colored lopi but I really like to think about what colors I put together.

Another thing I like to do is to change the cut of the garments and modernize them. In my opinion many of the sweaters, vests and dresses are far to wide, shapeless and have short bodies and sleeves. I usually custom make every item to fit the body of the owner if I can. It takes a few tricks and some math to do that successfully but I think it's part of the fun.

First post

I am a 29 years old crazy knitter, univeristy student, bartender, girlfriend and mother of three from Iceland. I devote most of my free time on knitting. I knit for myself, my family and for my Etsy store. 

I love creating traditional Icelandic items from the wonderful Icelandic wool called lopi. But I also enjoy using all kinds of other materials like merino wool, alpaca wool and silk.

I've been blogging about my knitting for a while now but only in Icelandic. I'm hoping to reach a larger audience by adding a blog in English.

Here's a sample of my work: