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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lopi from Þingborg

There is something so wonderful about the lopi from Þingborg. It has a unique softness unlike the traditional lopi from Istex (which is also a favorite to make that clear).

Þingborg is a wool center located just outside of Selfoss or about 45 minutes drive from Reykjavik.What makes their wool so special is that they choose only the softest and cleanest wool from the lambs, wash it with mild soap only to retain the natural lanolin. Then it's machine-cared but kept unspun. It's also only available in four natural colors, free from any dyes.

(Photo taken from Þingborg's website)

I went to Þingborg for the first time last summer. I've driven by hundreds of times but never knew that this was a wool center filled with such wonderful things. Not only do they sell their lopi but also all kinds of spun yarn from Icelandic wool, angora yarn, knitted items and a variety of crafted items (souvenirs). I bought loads of Tvinnað band which is spun wool, I'm guessing 2ply, about DK or sport weight. I'm using it to make a very traditional Icelandic shawl. Heaps of fun ;)

Currently I'm also knitting my first lopi sweater from Þingborgarlopi. I started one this summer but realized it was too big so I frogged and started another. It's made with single strand plötulopi and I can already feel how much softer and different it feels from the regular Istex lopi.

If you love lopi and/or Icelandic wool I recommend that you check out their website or better yet, go visit them ;)

(Photo taken from Þingborg's website)

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  1. we just came back from your beautiful country with sweaters from Þingborg. they are so wonderfully made!!!!