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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Knitting on a plane

I've just returned from my trip to London. I stayed there over the weekend, mostly dining and shopping.

I always used to love flying when I was younger. I even set out to be a flight attendant but started to have children before I could. Everything changed when I had the children and somehow I stopped enjoying the flights as much. At least until I discovered the joy of knitting on a plane (makes me think of the movie Snakes on a plane ... dunno why).

Now I always take some knitting project with me when I fly. I get a bit nervous every time when I go through security but no one seems to mind my wooden or acrylic needles. Then when I'm on the plane I have enough time, peace and quiet to knit away. This time I brought along an Aeolian shawl that I'm knitting with Einband (yes the scratchy laceweight wool). Three hours of flight time just disappeared as I knitted my way through the first charts. I also save money on magazines (which I tend to buy in bulk) and have something to do while I'm waiting for the flight.

If you want to try knitting on a plane then here are my tips:

- Use plastic, acrylic or wooden needles.
- Use screw on needles so you won't loose stitches if the security
    won't allow them on the plane.
- Only take one project.
- Choose a project that will keep you occupied enough without too much
- Choose a project that has only one color (no fair isle or intarsia)
    because that tends to take up space and/or be complicated.
- Don't bring a very big project that will bother the people next to you.
- Avoid yarns that shed a lot.
- Bring an extra set of needles in your luggage just in case.
- Remember that scissors are not allowed.

I have also tried crocheting while flying and that's perfect too. With a wooden hook it's no problem and takes even less space and fuzz as the knitting does.

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