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Friday, January 3, 2014

Crocheted baby hat

Since I was born many of the children in my family have received a very special crocheted hat. A woman who was working at my grandfather's firm made one for each baby born, or most of them at least. I remember my sisters wearing these extremely cute hats with giant pompom's. Their hats still exist after more than 20 years.

My son wearing his hat in 2005
When I had my own children this woman had stopped working for the firm but still sent some hats, much to my enjoyment. Then when I had my daughter in 2009 I decided that I wanted to learn how to make them and asked my mother arrange it, which she did. At first it wasn't the easiest pattern to master mostly because there was no real pattern. But I managed to figure it out and since then I've made a few both for my own children and my sister's. I love making them, they're so wearable and cute.
My daughter wearing the first hat I made for her.
Many have asked me for the recipe but I don't share it since I think it's not mine to share. I have however decided to make a few hats to sell on Etsy. I make them to fit 3-6 month old babies and the material is 100% wool.

This is the first hat I made to sell, worn by my 4 month old daughter. The hat is a bit big on her but one of the great things about these hats is that they kind of grow with the child for a few months.

I hope you like the hats as much as I do :)

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